Who knows how long it take before changes in oil demand

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canada goose clearance sale The wealthy might still be able to live there but much of the working class canada goose jacket outlet toronto people will not be able to afford it.Increasing temperatures bring on all sorts canada goose factory outlet toronto location of secondary issues like electricity costs, https://www.canadagoosejacketsaleca.com food costs, employment (if you work outside), all of which compound together to hit the working/middle class people very hard and force them to move. Approximately half of their GDP is tied to petroleum and half of gov revenue comes from petroleum. Who knows how long it take before changes in oil demand becomes an issue for them, but it is still going to take a miracle for the rest of their economy to make up for that.Of course, they still have oil (and solar) they can use for their own energy needs (such as to run a desal plant), but the upfront costs and maintenance/running are still expensive. canada goose clearance sale

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